We believe in being accountable and transparent. We can think of no better way to demonstrate that by disclosing the fees we charge online.

We know that very few other advisory firms have taken that step. However, we believe it’s only right that you should see how much we charge, the services we provide and the value we deliver.

Initial meeting

This is our opportunity to start getting to know each other. We’ll talk about your objectives, your current financial circumstances, and answer any questions you might have.

Choosing a financial planner, who will help carve out your financial future, is a big step. That’s why it’s important to know we will get along in the long term.

For this reason, we do not charge a fee for any initial meetings held at our office, nor are you under any obligation to proceed.

Financial planning review

This service includes:

  • Full fact-finding exercise
  • Exploration of your needs, goals and objectives
  • Evaluation of your risk profile; including an analysis of your appetite for risk, capacity to cope with losses, investment time horizon, investment knowledge and ethics
  • Analysis of your existing holdings; pensions, savings, investments and the like
  • Research into potential solutions
  • Production of an asset allocation strategy
  • Portfolio construction
  • Tax planning through the use of reliefs, allowances, tax-wrappers and trusts
  • A comprehensive written financial planning report
  • Implementation of the agreed actions

Our initial fee for a financial planning review is £925.

If transactions are recommended and implemented the following tiered fees will apply:

Investment tier Fee
First £250,0001.50%
Next £250,0000.50%
Next £500,0000.25%
Above £1,000,0000.15%

These fees are subject to a minimum of £925. Where tiered fees are paid, the financial planning review fee will be waived.

For example:

The initial fee levied on a £100,000 investment is 1.50% or £1,500

The initial fee levied on a £250,000 investment is 1.50% or £3,750

The initial fee levied on a £1.2 million investment is 0.55% or £6,550

Time costed fees

If you prefer, we also offer the option for our fees to be calculated with reference to the time we spend working for you.

Before we start, we will confirm our hourly fees and provide you with an estimate of the likely total cost to complete the work.

We will keep an accurate and detailed record of the time spent working for you and will submit these to you, along with our invoice, for payment as agreed.

Clients who choose to pay our fees in this way are under no obligation to engage us for any other services.

Ongoing service: A percentage of the amount you invest

We offer a choice of ongoing service options to cater for a variety of requirements. In keeping with our open and transparent ethos the ongoing service level you select can be changed or cancelled at any time without penalty.

Premium Service

0.90% per annum

For those who want more input

  • Quarterly Investment Reviews
  • Annual financial planning review meeting & report
  • Tiered discounts for investment amounts over £250,000

Managed Service

0.75% per annum

Our most popular service

  • Annual financial planning review meeting
  • Annual investment & objectives report
  • Tiered discounts for investment amounts over £250,000