A message from Jim Aitkenhead: 2018 Challenge; Great North Run & Leicester Half Marathon

This year was to be my final fund-raising challenge after around 20 years of running, cycling and walking; I had planned to “hand over the baton”, so to speak, to my nephew Alasdair. We signed-up for the Great North Run, an epic event I entered in 2007, where I ran a successful, if fairly slow race.

Unfortunately, and with regret, I have had to pull out of the event. Sadly, after I had built up to eight miles I pulled up with a knee injury, which stopped me training for two weeks. I might have overcome this had I not caught another horrid virus, which laid me low for another fortnight. I’ve no chance now of getting my endurance up to where it needs to be before the race.

Fortunately, Alasdair has become a capable runner and is a member of the Barrow Running Club. He is on target to put in a respectable time and may run the half marathon in under two hours, which is a very credible time for a new runner.

In addition, Rob Handford one of our Chartered Financial Planners, already an accomplished runner, who has had to ease back due to a heart condition, volunteered to take my place in the Great North Run. However, as my entry is non-transferrable, he will be run the Leicester Half Marathon on 14th October instead.

This year we are fundraising for Parkinsons UK, PMR-GCA UK North East, and Anthony Nolan. Although I may be retiring from fund raising activities the other directors intend to keep up the good work. I hope I can count on your ongoing support!

Best wishes


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