What Our Clients Say

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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Alasdair Walker, Leicester


Reviews & Testimonials

Alasdair was happy to talk round the subject without my committing to his services. He quoted a reasonable fee and outlined clearly what he would do for this. His advice was provided in a detailed but clear report. I liked the fact that whilst his report presented the pros and cons of my proposed transaction, it presented clear unambiguous advice. Because I was paying a fee he had no vested interest in whether I proceeded or not.

Matthew, pensions professional. New client to the practice in 2016.


Needed to get sound investment advise from somebody who you can trust with your finances. As usual gave an honest opinion on how to get the best out of my investments and savings.

Alan, logistics manager. Client of the practice for four years.


Everything went well and on a timely basis. As far as I am aware, nothing could have gone better.

Nigel, retired manager. New client to the practice in 2015.


We have worked with Alasdair’s company for some years. He made an excellent presentation to my employees on a new pension scheme we are transferring into. He was universally praised as clear, honest, persuasive and spoke to people in language that they fully understood.One employee who was very much against pensions as a concept certainly softened his attitude and may join the scheme. All others confirmed that they were happy with the scheme.

Stuart, managing director. Corporate clients of the practice for over fifteen years.