Why a Financial Planner?

You may be asking yourself, why a financial planner? People seek financial advice for many reasons, but it often comes down to having peace of mind. You want to be able to meet your aims and objectives without worrying too much about money.

Life events

Often the first trigger to seek financial planning is a life event, such as:

  • The birth of a child
  • The sale of your business
  • Achieving financial independence/retirement

Of course, it might be as simple as wanting to get a clearer understanding of your current financial position and whether you are on track.

Helping to identify your goals

You might have a clear idea about your financial goals or you may not be so certain. No matter the starting point, a financial planner will help you identify these goals by seeking to understand your circumstances. Often this conversation alone uncovers areas of interest that hadn’t been considered before.

Helping you to prioritise

Money is a finite resource, and a financial planner can help to maximise what is available and balance your needs today with your future objectives, whether that is decades away or you are planning immediate retirement.

Making a Plan…

For many people, the route to their future goals is a vague idea with many uncertainties. A financial planner will work with you to map out a route to achieving your objectives, which clients have described as “clearing the fog away”.

…and helping you stick to it

Human nature can be a fundamental barrier to financial success. For example, it’s easy to lose confidence when things get tough, or to focus on short-term issues and lose focus on the longer-term.

A financial planner should help to identify these very human challenges and help you to keep current events in perspective, with a combination of regular face-to-face meetings and telephone support when needed