Investment Management


At HA&W we have been focused on investment management for many decades and now supervise over £60M in assets. We can invest lump sums or regular savings with the aim of producing a reliable income or capital growth.

Proven Track record

Unusually for a firm of Financial Planners, we have a quotable track record due to our investment process and liaison with investment partner, Parmenion Capital partners LLP. More information is available on our website or on request.

Our Process

HA&W can establish a bespoke portfolio of collective investment funds or arrange investment in a discretionary portfolio that is run by Parmenion.

HA&W runs an in-house Investment Committee, which meets quarterly with input from investment managers at Parmenion. At this committee we agree an asset allocation model that is applied to customer’s portfolios. We review existing holdings and discuss new investment opportunities and the portfolios are monitored to ensure that they meet their objectives on an ongoing basis, with a focus on risk management.

We regularly update our research on all the investment funds we recommend to ensure that the investment managers we use are delivering on their promises and that returns are consistent.

What our clients say

“My current situation is comfortable in the returns on my investments and in some areas very good. I have been with HA&W for many years now and they have exceeded expectations despite volatile times.”

“I had many different investments and he has rationalised them, bearing in my level of risks required. It is a bit of a choppy financial situation at the moment but I do feel re-assured that I can leave it to Jim: it’s been a steady upwards trend so far.”

The value of investments can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest.