Financial Planning Process

What can you expect when talking to us about financial planning?

Step 1 – Initial Conversation

We will meet in person to discuss your situation in general terms and start to understand your objectives and values. This will also give you an opportunity to see how we work and decide if you would like to do business with us, and we will provide details on likely fees and next steps.

Step 2 – Information-gathering

If you decide you like how we work, we’ll meet again and start talking specifics. We’ll gather as much information as possible about your financial life and talk in detail about your goals and objectives, which will help to drive all of our future recommendations.

Step 3 – High-level proposals

We will spend the next few weeks assessing your situation, looking at existing plans and mapping out potential routes forward. This will be the start of your financial plan. We will invite you for a meeting to discuss this and make any changes if needed.

Step 4 – Detailed proposals in writing

Once a course of action is agreed we will write out with a detailed report containing our analysis of your situation and our advice. This will include the risks faced and the costs involved and should allow you to make an informed decision. We offer a further meeting if needed to discuss any questions and assist with any paperwork.

Step 5 – Implementation

At this point our admin team will work with your adviser to deal with documentation and put in place any recommended products, keeping in touch to update you on the process.

Step 6 – Keeping in touch

If you decide to use an ongoing service, we will keep in touch regularly with updates, newsletters and valuations. We also regularly update our website with news that you might find interesting.

Step 7 – Regular review meetings

We believe that regular review meetings are a vital part of achieving your objectives. This will allow us to discuss how any investments have performed and make changes where necessary We keep track of your objectives and take account of any changes in your circumstances over time. All meetings are followed with a formal report providing updates and advice as needed.

Step 8 – Here when you need us

If you need to talk to us about any aspect of your financial planning, we are always available either on e-mail, phone or in person. This is included in our standard ongoing service at no extra cost and we encourage all clients to take advantage of this.