Automatic Enrolment

Automatic enrolment pension rules will affect every employer by October 2017.  We offer a range of services to help our clients meet and exceed their requirements and reply a worthwhile workplace benefit for their employees.

The basic employer requirement is to automatically enrol employees into an eligible workplace pension scheme starting from a specified enrolment date and make contributions on their behalf.

Automatic Enrolment Questions

Most employers will have similar questions:

  • If I have a pension scheme in place already, does this meet the requirements?
  • If I do not have a scheme, how can one be set up?
  • How long does it take to implement these changes?
  • What are the penalties if I miss the deadline?
  • What will the costs be?
  • How will this change benefit me and my employees?

We have the skills and knowledge to assist with these questions and more, as well as providing both initial and ongoing services to ensure the smooth-running of an automatic enrolment scheme and help to provide a valuable workplace benefit for your employees.

As an Independent practice we can compare and contrast the available options and ensure that you proceed with a suitable and cost-effective scheme. We also advise on other staff benefits such as group life insurance arrangements commonly known as group death-in-service schemes.

What our clients say

We have worked with Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker for some years.

Alasdair made an excellent presentation to my employees on a new pension scheme we are transferring into. He was universally praised as clear, honest, persuasive and spoke to people in language that they fully understood.

One employee who was very much against pensions as a concept certainly softened his attitude and may join the scheme. All others confirmed that they were happy with the scheme.

Stuart, managing director of a long-standing corporate client with 20 employees

Alasdair always responds quickly and is very clear with his response. The new pension scheme set up has been smooth and problem-free.

Suzanne, financial director of corporate client with 200 employees.